Repair Order Dashboard

The repair order dashboard provides you with an overview of all repair order cases in progress. The single cases are shown in a list and can be sorted in ascending or descending order according to different categories. The list shows the status of the repair order, the name of the corresponding customer, and the customer number. In addition, the invoice amount can be viewed as well as the number of attachments, the name of the service advisor who created the order as well as the date of the order creation. By clicking on an order, a detailed view opens. Within this view, the customer’s contact details, as well as the different attachments, are visible. In addition, a status history can be unfolded via an arrow key in the detailed view.

Status overview

The following status is differentiated in the repair order dashboard:

Action overview

You are able to perform various actions during a specific status via the button with the three dots in the detailed view. Which actions are available for selection via the button depends on the process status of the repair order case. The following list gives you an overview of all possible actions.

Edit draft A case, which has not been sent yet, can be opened and edited.
DetailThe technician is able to detail, add or delete single positions on the desktop.
Qualify The service advisor is able to qualify positions by adding a descriptions or pricing and to add or delete positions. The parts department is able to indicate the pricing and the availability of parts.
Resend A case, which has already been sent was sent again. It is possible to adapt the fields (e.g., email address) before send-out.
Open clearanceThe customer clearance regarding additional repairs can be viewed and edited manually by the service advisor.
Open caseThe customer clearance can be viewed by the technician and parts department.
Create invoiceThe repair order case is completed, and a new invoice case is created in the invoice dashboard as a draft.
CloseThe repair order case is finished.
CancelThe repair order case is canceled.

Filter and search functionality

Every user can individually adjust the display of the processes via filters on the right side of the web application. Depending on the requirements, the processes can be selected by users, status, or actions. A red number on the filter icon indicates how many filters are selected. With “Reset filter” all selected filters can be removed, and the list of all repair orders is displayed unfiltered. In addition to the filters, you also have the possibility to search for a specific name or customer number via the search function. Further, the case can also be displayed in ascending or descending order per column.

Updated on July 5, 2022

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