Procedural Requirements

In addition to the technical requirements, procedural requirements and recommendations must also be taken into account to ensure successful implementation of the web tool:

  1. It makes sense for the customer to be aware of the prospect of using Xolvis while scheduling an appointment.
  1. For data security purposes, the customer’s consent is required in order for you to be able to give them the invoice on a digital basis. The consent must be granted in advance, e.g., when you make an online appointment or when you send the vehicle to your location. Ideally, add a field on the service order or when making an online appointment, which is marked as “Communication via Xolvis”. This gives your customer the option to select this type of invoice delivery and has thus demonstrably given you their consent for digital invoices.
  2. When using Online Payment via Xolvis: Create the invoices immediately after the service has ended and send them to your customer via email. As a result, your customer has enough time to pay the invoice online before picking up the vehicle, which can reduce peak times when picking up the vehicle.
  3. When using Online Payment via Xolvis: Reduce customer waiting time during vehicle return and increase awareness of the online payment offer by installing a separate and clearly recognizable service counter for customers who have already paid their invoice online in advance.
Updated on July 1, 2022

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