Order Extension

Additional Service Recommendations.

In the event that an additional repair need is identified and qualified, your customer will be informed and will receive the additional repair recommendations, which can be viewed on the customer landing page. In addition to the description of the single positions, the request includes a list of the individual costs as well as an overview of the total amount which must be paid by the customer to have the repairs carried out.

Customer Clearance

For each position, your customer can decide whether or not to confirm the additional repair for further processing. Your customer must agree to a declaration of consent before confirming the selection to be accepted as binding. After your customer has made the selection, he will receive an automatic confirmation and a frozen overview of the selection on the customer landing page.

Besides the customer clearance, a manual clearance by the service advisor is possible as well. Although the service advisor can perform the clearance manually, he needs the allowance of the customer for example a verbal confirmation via phone. To ensure transparency, your customer is informed in case of a manual clearance via email and receives an overview of the decisions on the customer landing page. Even if your customer wants to make a subsequent change to their selection, this can be done manually by the service consultant and triggers a notification email.

Updated on May 31, 2021

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