Multipoint Inspection by Technician

After a new Repair Order case was created, the technician receives a notification that a new case is available. The case can be opened on the desktop or on a mobile device using photo recognition of license plate or VIN, or by selecting the case manually in the dashboard.

Inspection on the Vehicle

After customer and vehicle data were checked successfully, an inspection can be carried out on the vehicle if required. Therefore, the inspection is documented via a digital list. The condition of the respective vehicle parts can be assessed according to green (very good), yellow (future attention) and red (immediate attention), based on the inspection list. Every position marked in this list will be send to the customer. The yellow and red positions are automatically transferred to the qualification mask for further detailing.


In the next step the technician is able to record media in the form of videos and pictures to visually show the customer the recommended repairs. This step can be done directly on the mobile device or via a media upload on the desktop version.


All information and uploaded media are listed in a summary again before the respective technician can decide to close or to detail the case. The technician is able to optionally detail the positions marked in yellow or red before handing them over to the Service Advisor. If the parts department needs to deliver certain information, the technician is able to mark it within this step.

Updated on May 31, 2021

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