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Create & Edit Users

The administrator has the option of creating new users or editing existing ones via this section. Every employee working with the Xolvis tool must have an own access. Any number of users can be created by the administrator. It is generally advisable to limit the number of administrators to a maximum of two people.

When a new user is created by using the plus symbol, a window opens in which the administrator can enter the user data (name including title, contact details and position) and assign a role and a dealer location to the new user. It is also possible to assign multiple roles to a user. In the event that several trading companies use the same access, the administrator also has the option of selecting which trading company the user belongs to. As soon as the administrator has filled in all the fields and created the new user, he will receive an email with his access data and a link for initial password creation. After successful password creation, the user can directly access the PayMail+ user interface.

Overview of user’s rights

By assigning roles, the user receives the corresponding rights in the web application. The respective user roles are predefined for the Xolvis and are based on the aftersales guidelines. The following table shows the predefined roles and their respective usage rights.

Point of SaleControlling
Administer payment methods      
Administer users      
Administer attachments      
Administer CLP content      
Messaging to customer     
View & edit customer data   
Create repair order case   
View repair order case
Adapt repair order case 
Create invoice case   
View invoice case  
Adapt invoice case   
Create media     
Watch media   
Decline media     
Add & delete position    
Classification of position    
Parts pricing    
Overall pricing     
Manual clearance     
View statistics     
Updated on July 4, 2022

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