Manage Payment Methods

All previously activated payment methods are listed in this section. Via the edit symbol
() the administrator can edit the selection of payment methods. All payment methods that are supported by Xolvis are available for this, such as credit card, PayPal, instant transfers, or local payment methods. After a change, all activated payment methods are immediately available to your customer on the customer landing page.

In addition to the payment methods, the administrator can also specify the validity of the payment link in days in this editing window. The payment link takes your customers to a payment page where they can pay their invoices online. After the set deadline, the link is invalid, and payment can no longer be made online. In the event that one of your customers has not yet paid their invoice after a few days, the administrator can also specify after how many days your customer will receive a reminder email (see E-Mail).

Below the payment method overview, you will find the jump point to the dashboard of your payment service provider (PSP). You can use the online bank’s initial login data to register there. The authorized user will find detailed booking information in this PSP dashboard, e.g., the customer’s name, the amount received, and also a “function ID”. This corresponds to the invoice number assigned to the customer in Xolvis. It is the standard in the e-commerce sector that the technical transaction fee is immediately deducted from the amount transferred which goes into your account. However, the invoice amount that is displayed in the PSP dashboard is the complete payment amount without technical transaction costs. In order to make the assignment easier, it makes sense to enable accounting to access this dashboard.

Updated on July 4, 2022

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