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When sending invoices via email, you can add other documents such as, add an invoice declaration, terms and conditions or advertising as an email attachment. Additional attachments can be selected during the creation of an invoice case (see Create a New Invoice Case). Which documents are available at this point as a selection option depends on which documents the administrator has uploaded under the heading “Attachment management” in the administration area.

All documents are listed in a table. The administrator can upload new documents using the plus symbol. The following table shows an overview of the information required for document creation:

Input FieldContent
DescriptionDocument name when selecting a system (internally visible when creating the invoice).
FilenameDocument name that is displayed to the customer.
TypeSelection between “legal information” and “advertising”.
Valid from / toWhen creating a new document, it is possible to define the period of time in which the document can be sent. If no information is given here, the document is available for delivery indefinitely.
PreselectedBy ticking the box, the corresponding document is automatically sent to the customer with the invoice with each new case. This function is particularly useful for terms and conditions or the invoice declaration. All other documents must be actively selected by the responsible service consultant when creating the case (e.g., advertising).
Updated on May 31, 2021

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