Invoice Dashboard

All active invoice cases can be viewed in the dashboard by every user. By selecting a case, a detailed overview is opened in which information about the customer, the payment process, the file attachments (invoice, advertising, etc.) and the status history can be seen. In addition, at the end of each line you can see the date on which the case was created and the initials for the corresponding user who created the

Status Overview
Each invoicing case is assigned a status, which is updated automatically and reflects the corresponding process step. The following process steps are shown as a status:

Action Overview
Different actions are available depending on the status. All possible actions are listed below. Actions marked with an asterisk (*) must be triggered manually by the user so that the case is completed and pushed into the archive.

Edit draftA case that has not yet been sent can be opened and edited again.
ResendA case that has already been sent can be sent again. It is possible to adapt some fields (e.g. email address).
Paid POS (*)If an invoice is paid on site, the case can be manually marked accordingly. If this action is selected, the case is automatically completed and moved to the archive, since in this case the standard payment process of the trading company takes effect.
Delivered (*)The vehicle was handed over to the customer or the part was shipped. This action must be set manually.
Booked (*)The position was recorded in the ERP System of the trading company. This action must be set manually.
CanceledCancellation of an incorrect transaction. The payment link is invalid after the cancellation.

Filters and Displays

Each user can customize the display of the cases using filters on the right side of the web application. Depending on the requirements, the cases can be selected according to users, status, or actions. E.g., you can only display transactions that have already been paid for (and possibly delivered) but have not yet been booked in the local ERP system (“bookable”).

Updated on June 29, 2022

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