Important information on various occasions will be send automatically to your customer, to ensure that your customer is involved in the process in the best possible way. This includes occasions like status updates, updates on the current vehicle condition and possible additional repair needs as well as invoice details. Xolvis uses email as primary communication channel. Each email consists of a personal sal-utation to your customer and a pre-configured text in accordance with Xolvis.

Your customer will be informed via email if new status updates or information are available on the customer landing page. Specific case details are not communicated via email but can be viewed on the customer landing page. Invoices or other attachments are sent to the customer via Xolvis in PDF format, attached to the email. The email content is adapted to the corresponding service type that was selected during case creation (see Completion of the Repair Order). Customers who have not yet paid an invoice after a certain time are automatically notified via Xolvis with a second email. Your customer will be informed of the open invoice and the option to pay the invoice online. The period when the reminder email is sent to the customer can be defined in the administration area (see Managing repair orders).

Updated on July 4, 2022

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