Customer Landing Page

During the whole service process the customer is able to view all important information on the customer landing page, which can be opened in the browser via a link in the email received on mobile and desktop devices. In general, the customer landing page is divided into different categories, which are activated step by step during the service process. The sections displayed depend on the usage scope of the dealership. The section containing the most current information is displayed in expanded form, but all previously activated sections can be viewed again at any time.

Besides the case-relevant information, the customer landing page also contains a contact area in which all contact information of the responsible service advisor, or the dealership is displayed – depending on the settings made in the administration area (see Manage Contact Details). Furthermore, your customer has the possibility to contact the responsible service advisor via the chat function (if activated).

The link to the customer landing page is valid for two weeks. During this time, your customer can access all information on the repair order at any time. After that, an error message appears that the link has expired, and the customer landing page is no longer accessible.

Updated on June 29, 2022

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