Create a New Invoice Case

It is possible to create a new invoice case via the button “Create invoice” in the invoice dashboard. You can also use the button “Upload invoice” to use the OCR functionality. A new case must be created for each invoice. In the first step, all customer and invoice data have to be entered in the appropriate fields. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Note: Make sure that the price format in the amount field expected behavior is dependent on the browser’s language and number format. For example, in English-speaking countries, decimal points “,” are ignored, whereas all “.” dots are ignored in other non-English-speaking countries (DE).

In the second step, you select the transaction type. You can define the brand and select the appropriate email template. Xolvis differentiates between different email templates, such as service invoices, invoices for parts sales, or down payment invoices. The email text towards the customer will change accordingly. After all the necessary data is entered, the PDF invoice needs to be uploaded. You can further select other attachments, such as an invoice declaration or advertising materials. Which attachments are available to you depends on which documents the administrator has previously made available in the administration area (see Manage Attachments).

You can end the case creation with the “Cancel” button or save the previously entered data as a draft (“Save draft”). With “Send invoice” you can create the invoice case and send the invoice to the customer. The prerequisite for this is that you have provided all the necessary information and uploaded an invoice in PDF format.

It is also possible for the service assistant to create a new invoice case and also send the invoice to the customer. Please note that the name of the responsible service consultant must be selected in the drop-down menu “Responsible” in order to send the invoice to the customer in his name.

After you have successfully created a new invoice case and sent it to your customer, it will be displayed in your invoice dashboard with the status “Sent”. You can now use the action field to cancel the invoice case (“cancel”) or to send the information to the customer again (“resend”). Here you have the option to adjust the customer’s email address if necessary. If your customer pays the invoice on-site at the dealership, the case can be completed manually the action “Pay POS” in the action dropdown.

Updated on June 29, 2022

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