Xolvis generates a separate chat channel for each newly created repair order case. All users involved in the repair order case are automatically added as participants to the respective chat. Users can communicate on the corresponding repair order and quickly pass on information internally. Further, the service advisor can communicate with the respective customer via the chat function. If the SMS function has been activated in the administration area (see Managing communication), your customer will receive all messages sent via the chat also via SMS and can also reply directly via SMS.

The different chats can be opened by clicking on the chat button in the upper right corner. By clicking the button you can open a list of all chats you are participating in. The list is sorted in descending order and the chat with the most recent content is displayed at the top. When you select a repair order case from the list, a chat window opens. Within this window the service advisor (and administrator) can use a slider to switch between the internal chat with your colleagues and the external chat with the customer. All other users have only access to the internal chat channels. The customer chat is colored red, to signal that this chat is an external communication. Unread messages from the customer chat are also indicated by a red number in the overview list. Internal messages are represented by a blue number. After the repair order case has been completed and moved to the archive, the chat is also closed and archived. 

Your customer is able to use the chat via the customer landing page and thus contact the responsible service advisor easily. Your customer has access to the chat as long as the link to the customer landing page if still valid, even if the chat has already been archived internally. The administrator is able to deactivate the chat on the customer landing page. The external chat window is then only displaying the SMS communication if activated.

Updated on July 4, 2022

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