The “Archive” gives you an overview of all repair order and invoice cases that were processed via Xolvis. At the end of the day, all completed cases are automatically moved from the respective dashboard to the archive. A repair order case is considered completed as soon as it holds the status “Completed”, “Invoice created”, or “Canceled”. Invoice cases are completed when the status is “Closed”, “Canceled” or “Paid POS”. The overview in the archive corresponds to the view from the respective dashboard and therefore displays the same detailed information about the cases. In the archive view you also have the possibility to filter the list of the cases by users or to search for a specific term.

By selecting a single case more information is displayed. If you want to access the details of the Repair Order process, select the side arrow below the status information. You reach the detailed case overview, holding following tabs:

  1. An overview of the sent multipoint inspection.
  2. The communicated media attachments
  3. A list of the single positions of the additional service recommendations incl. clearance

The information listed reflects the last available status and cannot be edited by the users.

Updated on June 29, 2022

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